Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence. Use each word once.

 abide   bag   chubby   dodge   elder   frigid   glide   house   idiom  jittery   kitchen   lead   mix   niche   ooze  

1. The suspect was able to _________ the police for a few hours before being caught.

2. Don’t ________ those two colors together.

3. Melvin felt a little _________ before his job interview.

4. Paulina felt as though she was getting a little too _________, so she went on a diet.

5. An __________ brother took care of his siblings when their parents died.

6. The prison can __________ up to 500 inmates.

7. Diana went to Los Angeles to find her __________ in the film industry.

8. Julio wasn’t familiar with the _________ used by his boss, so he failed to understand what she said.

9. Obesity may __________ to a wide range of health issues.

10. If you think you’re just going to __________ through college without any effort, you’re wrong.

11. __________ appliances are becoming more efficient in their use of energy.

12. A black, sticky substance began to __________ out of the machine.

13. Members who don’t __________ by the rules risk losing their membership.

14. When you go grocery shopping, please pick up a __________ of potato chips.

15. The __________ weather was so dangerous that the governor ordered all schools to close.


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