Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

  abide   bag   chubby   dodge   elder   frigid   glide   house   idiom    jittery   kitchen   lead   mix   niche   ooze  

1. The suspect was able to _________ the police for a few hours before being caught.

2. Don’t ________ those two colors together.

3. Melvin felt a little _________ before his job interview.

4. Paulina felt as though she was getting a little too _________, so she went on a diet.

5. An __________ brother took care of his siblings when their parents died.

6. The prison can __________ up to 500 inmates.

7. Diana went to Los Angeles to find her __________ in the film industry.

8. Julio wasn’t familiar with the _________ used by his boss, so he failed to understand what she said.

9. Obesity may __________ to a wide range of health issues.

10. If you think you’re just going to __________ through college without any effort, you’re wrong.

11. __________ appliances are becoming more efficient in their use of energy.

12. A black, sticky substance began to __________ out of the machine.

13. Members who don’t __________ by the rules risk losing their membership.

14. When you go grocery shopping, please pick up a __________ of potato chips.

15. The __________ weather was so dangerous that the governor ordered all schools to close.


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Answers: 1. dodge; 2. mix; 3. jittery; 4. chubby; 5. elder; 6. house; 7. niche; 8. idiom; 9. lead;

10. glide; 11. Kitchen; 12. ooze; 13. abide; 14. bag; 15. frigid


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