If you "update" something, you change it from something old to something new. This word is often used for homes, clothing, cars, offices, stores, websites, etc.

  • They’re updating their office with new carpeting and new furniture.
  • Tanya’s kitchen hasn’t been updated in years.
  • Jim needs to update his wardrobe. (He needs new clothes.)
  • I need to update my calendar.
  • This website is updated daily.

The examples above use the word "update" as a verb, but you can use it as a noun, too:

  • Can you give me an update on the situation? (Give me any new information you have.)
  • Your computer needs to check for updates on a regular basis.
  • There’s a new update for this program if you want to download* it.
  • A news update provided the latest information about a big storm approaching our area.


download: get something (information, pictures, audio, video, programs) from the internet

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July 9, 2014