November 2, 2014 – Word of the Day:  bounce


Use the word "bounce" for balls and other objects that drop onto a surface and return.

golf ball

  • The golf ball bounced when it hit the green.
  • Brian bounced the basketball down the court.
  • Stop bouncing that ball. It’s annoying!
  • The kids are bouncing on the furniture. (They’re jumping on the furniture. They’re going up and down.)

This word is also used when describing financial activity, travel, recovery from a problem, and situations in which a person is removed from a location or a position.

  • Edward bounced around from one job to another.
  • Denise and Brian bounced around the country for a few years before settling on an apartment in New York. (They traveled to many places.)
  • Hey, let me bounce a few ideas off of you. (I want you to listen to my ideas and get your reaction.)
  • Vanessa was depressed following her divorce, but now she’s beginning to bounce back.
  • The stock market bounced back after it tanked in 2009.
  • If I don’t put more money into my checking account, I’m going to bounce a few checks. (bounce a check = not enough money in an account to cover payments)
  • John was bounced off of the plane because of some rude remarks he made to a flight attendant.
  • A couple of hooligans were bounced out of the bar. (They were thrown out of the bar.)

A bouncer is a person (usually a large man) who stands outside of nightclubs and admits people inside. He also handles security issues.

  • The bouncer checked IDs before allowing bar patrons to go inside.
  • Joe easily got a job as a bouncer because he’s big and intimidating.


He works as a bouncer.

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