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The word "due" is an adjective that describes a time limit. When something is due, time's up. After something is due, it's late. There are many different ways to use this word:

  • My library books are due tomorrow. If I don't bring them back before then, I'll have to pay a fine.
  • The rent for our apartment is due at the beginning of the month. We have to pay our landlord $800 before October 5.
  • Mary is pregnant. She's due in February. (due = the time when the baby is expected)
  • Our plane was due to arrive at 8:15, but it's going to be an hour late.
  • Hector is due an apology from his boss who yelled at him for something he didn't do.
  • We're due for some rain. It hasn't rained in over two weeks.
  • The students have a big homework assignment that's due in three days.
  • He's due back at the office for a meeting in about 30 minutes.

due back at the officeHe's due back at the office.

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August 22, 2014







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