A riot occurs when a large gathering of people behave in a violent manner towards others, especially when the police are involved.

  • There was a riot in the streets following the election results.
  • A peaceful protest suddenly became a riot.
  • Rioting protesters burned buildings and cars.
  • Police tried their best to put down the riot.
  • Most of the rioters left when the police started to fire live ammunition.
  • Riots in the United States are beginning to become more common.

The word "riot" can also be used as a verb:

  • People rioted in the streets.
  • They were rioting because they were angry about a government policy.
  • Some of the people who were rioting were also looting.

Sometimes the word "riot" is used as a type of slang word to describe a fun experience or humor.

  • We had a riot at the party.
  • The New Year’s Eve celebration was a riot.
  • That guy is a riot. (He’s very funny and fun to be with.)


You never know who might show up at a riot.

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April 30, 2015