Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

 anonymous   bake   chord   dance   eligible   fat   generate   kidney   lady   mat   peel   radio   sample   thin   upgrade   visit


1. Samantha’s death was caused by __________ failure.

2. To be __________ for U.S. citizenship, you have to pass a written and oral test.

3. One of the first things a person learns to play on a guitar is a G __________.

4. For an extra fifty dollars we decided to __________ to the executive suite at the hotel.

5. Please wipe your feet on the __________ before entering the house.

6. An ___________ caller phoned in a bomb threat to a government building.

7. You can learn English online for free if you __________ the right websites.

8. A pair of earrings is a very nice gift for a young __________.

9. Faduma is worried about getting _________, so she’s going to go on a diet.

10. Tom fell thought the ice because it was too __________.

11. A woman at the store allowed us to ___________ the fruit before we bought some.

12. __________ the potatoes before you boil them.

13. Public ___________ in the United States is supported mostly by donations from listeners.

14. Tony was surprised by how much revenue his little pizzeria was able to ___________.

15. A prom is a __________ attended by junior and senior high school students at the end of the year.

Answers are available at the bottom of this page.