To assist is to help. The word "assist" is a verb. The word "assistance" is a noun.

  • Customer service representatives assist customers.
  • I called customer service for assistance.
  • The person who was assisting me put me on hold.
  • This is a difficult problem to fix without some assistance from the company.

person asking for helpHe nees some assistance.

This is how someone will use the words "assist" or "assistance" when offering help:

  • May I assist you? (May I help you?)
  • Do you need some assistance?
  • Are you in need of assistance?
  • Would you like some assistance?
  • Let me find someone who can assist you.

This is how you use the words "assist" or "assistance" when you need help or support:

  • Could you assist me, please?
  • I need some assistance.
  • Is there anyone who can assist me?
  • Could you find someone who can assist me, please?

Use the word "assistant" for a person who provides support:

  • I have an assistant.
  • My assistant answers the phone in the office.
  • The assistant to the president of a company sets appointments and helps take care of routine tasks.
  • Producers of Hollywood films work with several assistants.

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March 1, 2015