Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

brag   crunch   easy  familiar   gather   handy   haul   increase   proper    respect  shift   tempt   timing   value   whose

1. In the spring, workers go to the fields to __________ strawberries.

2. A sudden __________ in the price of a gallon of gas shocked consumers.

3. It’s not polite to __________ about your own accomplishments.

4. People who don’t __________ the law are likely to end up in jail.

5. Does anyone know ___________ car alarm is making all that noise in the parking lot?

6. Most homeowners like to keep a fire extinguisher __________ in case of a fire.

7. What’s the __________ of the home that you live in?

8. That woman looks very __________, I wonder if I have met her before.

9. If a potato chip doesn’t __________, it’s probably stale.

10. An investor makes money on an investment if his or her ___________ is good.

11. Let’s __________ this big pile of garbage to the dump with a trailer.

12. It’s not __________ to learn another language–especially English!

13. __________ the car into reverse if you want to back up.

14. Without a ___________ form of identification, you can’t board an airplane.

15. The waitress will try to __________ you with dessert after you have finished eating your dinner.

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