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Quiz 46 March 2016

Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

accident   board   decade  diet   faint  fly   grocery   invite   miracle   outgrow   sound   spit   sweep   sweet   tape  

1. A person who needs to lose weight should go on a ___________.

2. It was a ____________ that anyone was able to survive the accident.

3. Emergency crews quickly arrived at the scene of an ___________ on the highway.

4. Use a broom to ___________ the floor.

5. Children tend to _____________ their clothes quickly as they get older.

6. What does popular music in Cuba _____________ like?

7. Passengers will be allowed to ____________ the airplane after they go through security.

8. Mangoes are very ___________ when they are ripe.

9. It’s not possible to _____________ everyone we know to the wedding.

10. Mr. Nelson didn’t realize his ____________ was down until someone said something. How embarrassing!

11. At every desk there should be a roll of ___________ for putting things together.

12. Rhonda began to feel __________ when she heard that her friend had just died.

13. Don’t wait until the weekend to do the _____________ shopping. It will be too busy.

14. The baby didn’t like the taste of her food, so she __________ it out.

15. Known as the Great Depression, The 1930s was a very difficult ___________ for the U.S. economy.

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Answers: 1. diet; 2. miracle; 3. accident; 4. sweep; 5. outgrow; 6. sound; 7. board; 8. sweet ; 9. invite; 10. fly; 11. tape; 12. faint; 13. grocery; 14. spit; 15. decade

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