March 10, 2016



When we run out of food, we go to a grocery store to get the things that we need. The word "grocery" is used to refer to the food and other items purchased at a store.

(Pronounced grosh-ree or gros-ree)

  • When a shopper arrives at a grocery store, the first thing he or she gets is a shopping cart.
grocery cart
  • The produce section is usually the first place a shopper visits when buying groceries.
  • A butcher works in the meat department. He cuts the meat and brings it out for the customers.
  • The shelves are full of canned food in a grocery store.
  • Some food is sold in glass jars or glass bottles. When they break, a grocery store clerk has to clean up the mess.
clean up
  • Many people fill up a shopping cart with enough food to last a full week.
cart full of food
  • The cashier scans the grocery items and takes your money at the checkout counter.
  • Customers carry bags full of groceries to their cars, or they walk home feeling happy about completing another trip to the grocery store.
grocery bag

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