The word "lure" can be used as a noun or as a verb when describing an attraction to something. Things that lure include food, money, promises, beautiful objects, and other people.

  • The children were lured into the old woman’s house with the promise of candy.
  • Tom was lured into thinking his job was going to be fun and easy, but it turned out to be boring and difficult.
  • You can lure fish with fresh bait. (bait = worms and small fish)
  • Signs along the highway lure tourists into stopping at roadside attractions.
  • The electronics store lured shoppers with a sale on 60-inch high definition smart TVs.
  • Advertising lures customers with promises of low prices or high quality.

When used as a noun, a lure is a thing that attracts people or animals in order to trap them.

fising lure

fishing lure

  • Fishermen use a fishing lure to catch fish. The lure has hooks which go through the mouth of the fish.
  • Happy Hour* is used as a lure to attract patrons to clubs and restaurants.
  • The police use bait cars as lures for car thieves. When a thief enters the vehicle, the doors lock and trap the thief inside.

*happy hour = a time during which prices are reduced on food and drinks. The typical happy hour is between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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May 25, 2016