The word "filth" is used when something is very dirty, but there are two main types of filth. The first is physical and involves dirt from the environment that must be washed off of a thing or a person. The second type of filth is of the mind or the character of a person whose behavior is regarded as very bad or immoral. In both cases, the word "filth" is a very strong word chosen for situations when the dirt is extreme.

Examples of physical dirt:

  • It took a long time to wash the filth from the city streets. (The word "filth" is a noun.)
  • The streets were filthy. (The word "filthy" is an adjective.)
  • Visitors to the camp were surprised by the filth and lack of sanitation.
  • The camp was filthy.
  • The house was condemned because of the filth on the inside of it.
  • It’s a filthy house.

Examples of mental dirt:

  • The producers of those films have a reputation for filth.
  • They produce filthy movies. (filthy movies = dirty movies.)
  • All types of filth and corruption taint the city’s reputation.
  • The city has a reputation for being filthy and corrupt.
  • The old man will only watch movies that include filth, bad language, and a lot of violence.
  • He’s a filthy old man. He has a filthy mind.

a filthy person

He’s filthy! He needs a bath.

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August 13, 2018