rib / ribs


The bony structure that protects the vital organs located in the upper part of the body is called the rib cage. Each bone is called a rib. As a group, the bones are called ribs.

rib cage rib cage

  • That boy is so skinny, you can see his ribs.
  • The girl broke a few of her ribs when she fell.
  • If you push your hand against your lower chest, you can feel your ribs.

People also eat the ribs that come from a cow or a pig. This is a very popular form of meat.

  • We’re going to have ribs for dinner.
  • There’s a rib joint in our area that sells the best ribs ever. (rib joint = a small restaurant that makes and sells ribs)
  • The proper way to cook ribs is low and slow.
  • Barbeque sauce helps to keep the ribs moist and it improves the taste of the meat.


There are a few situations and expressions in which you might hear the word "rib" used.

  • This food really sticks to your ribs. (It’s good, hearty food and it fill your stomach.)
  • Everyone gave Jose a good ribbing over his new haircut. (rib = joke with or tease)
  • According to The Bible, God made Eve from one of Adam’s ribs.
  • I heard a good rib tickler at work today. (rib tickler = a joke)

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August 18, 2018