If something is vivid, it’s very bright or easy to see.

  • The images on a wide-screen TV are very vivid.
  • Sharon likes to wear clothes with vivid colors.
  • Neon green is a vivid color.
  • Leon has a vivid imagination.
  • Children have vivid imaginations.
  • The memory I have of when my children were born is very vivid.
  • Jerome said he had a dream last night that was very vivid. He can still remember everything that happened in his dream.

child on toy He has a very vivid imagination. He actually believes he’s riding a horse.

The word "vividly" is an adverb:

  • Jerome can vividly remember the details of a dream he had last night.
  • Mary spoke vividly about her trip to Mexico. (She enthusiastically recalled the details of her experience.)

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September 14, 2018