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To clench something is to hold onto it very tightly with the teeth or with the hands, or the upper and lower teeth are held together tightly.

clenched fist

  • Jeremy clenches his teeth at night, but he doesn't realize he's doing it.
  • Some people clench their teeth when they are angry.
  • Through clenched teeth, the man said he would get even with the person who vandalized his house.
  • When an alligator uses its teeth to clench onto an object or another animal, it doesn't let go easily.
  • The dog has a ball clenched in its teeth.
  • The boy clenched his fists in preparation for a fight. (fist = fingers curled up in a ball)
  • Clenched in Maria's hands was the money that she needed to pay her rent for the month.
  • Some drivers clench the steering wheel as they drive through ice and snow.

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Published on March 3, 2018







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