An errand is a responsibility or light task that usually involves a short trip. Errands are necessary but usually not difficult or time-consuming.

  • I have to do some errands this morning.
  • Here’s my list of errands: go to the post office, make a deposit at the bank, buy groceries, and pick up a cake from the bakery.
  • Sarah has some errands to do tomorrow.
  • Tom says he hates doing errands because they waste his time.
  • Erica is out running some errands. (The word "run" is often used with "errand.")
  • Would you like to run an errand for me?
  • As a new employee, Joe says he feels like an errand boy around the office because people are always asking him to pick things up at Target.
  • Do you have any errands that need to be done today?

driving She’s taking care of a few errands today.

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July 9, 2019