A hall is an interior space for a building or a house. It’s used to connect rooms as an area to walk through, and a hall is used as a place for social or communal activity.

  • A dining hall is a place where people eat.
  • A mess hall is a place for people in the military to eat when they are on a military base.
  • The halls of Congress are places where members of the U.S. House or Representatives and the Senate meet.
  • There are halls inside a house or an apartment. Residents of the house use the hall to enter or exit rooms.

hall inside a house

  • On college campuses, the word "hall" is part of the name of a dormitory.
  • Peter lives in Schneider Hall.
  • Melissa shares a room with a roommate at Farwell Hall.

farwell hall at Luther College

Farwell Hall

A hallway is usually a long corridor that people must walk through in order to get to individual rooms:

  • In American schools, the hallways are very busy places as students walk from one classroom to another.
  • The hallways are places where students have lockers. Hallways are also places where students meet and greet each other during the day.


This is a long hallway.

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October 22, 2019