To remember something is to recall information stored in your brain.

  • Do you remember my name?
  • I’m sorry, I don’t remember. I forgot.
  • Tom says he can’t remember names. He has a really bad memory.
  • It’s hard to remember.
  • I remember.
  • I remember it. (The verb "remember" can be transitive or intransitive–followed by an object or not followed by an object.)
  • What do you remember from your childhood?
  • When students take tests, they must remember information and facts.
  • Small children must remember where they live.
  • Do you remember what you did last weekend?
  • Did you remember what your teacher told you to do to prepare for class?

man rememering childhood

  • Joe remembers when he was a kid and used to play hockey with his friends.
  • Jennifer would rather not remember some of the things that happened to her during her childhood.
  • Remembering things that happened during one’s childhood can bring either joy or sadness.
  • We will always remember what happened on 9-11.
  • Remember, you can always count on your family in times of need.
  • Remember, it’s necessary to always practice your English every day.

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September 19, 2019