Yellow Level

Lesson Twenty-five:

Future Perfect Tense

S + will + have + the Past Participle 

I will have studied
We will have studied
You will have studied
You will have studied
He will have studied
She will have studied
They will have studied
It will have studied

In a few more years, you will have studied enough English to communicate well with just about anybody.

(See the video at the bottom of the page.)

Use the future perfect tense to describe a situation that will be completed in the future.  

1. By this time next year, I’ll have had the same classroom for four years.

I’‘ve had this classroom since January of 2009. It’s 2012 right now. (That’s just four years.)


2. By this time next year, your English will have improved if you study hard enough.

But if you don’t study between now and then, your English will not have improved.


3. Once his shift is finished, he will have delivered over 100 pizzas.

man delivering pizza




Complete these sentences with the main verb in the future perfect tense.

1. By this time next year, Elena _______ _______ _______ a lot about English. (learn)

2. Fabio hopes he ______ _______ _______ around the world before he retires. (travel)

3. When Gullya gets to be my age, she _______ ______ ______ many friendships. (have)

4. Toli is crossing his fingers that he ________ _______ ________ a lot of honey from his bees by the end of the year. (got)

5. Paktip hopes she ______ ______ ______ the United States within the next ten years. (visit)

(ANSWERS: 1. will have learned; 2. will have traveled; 3. will have had; 4. will have gotten; 5. will have visited)

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