Yellow Level Quiz #20 – Present Perfect Tense or Past Tense

Part A.

Directions: In each of these sentences, write the correct form of the verb. Choose between the present perfect tense or the past tense. Some of these sentences are negative.

Example: Maria _________________ California several times. (visit) arrow Maria has visited California several times.

1. Jared ____________________ his back while working in his yard. (hurt)

2. I _____________________ a haircut last week. (get)

3. They _____________________ in that house since 2012. (live)

4. Mario _____________________ a lawyer when he lived in Mexico. (be)

5. That statue ________________________ on the plaza for over 80 years, and it still looks good. (be)

6. The students ________________________ the math problem until the teacher explained it to them. (understand, negative)

7. I have to admit, I ____________ never ____________ sushi before. (eat, negative)

8. Vanessa can’t count the number of times she _______________________ that movie. (see)

9. Todd ____________________________ to work yesterday because he was sick. (go, negative)

10. I _____________________________ much sleep lately. (have, negative)


Part B.

Directions: Use the present perfect tense or the past tense for each question.

Example: How long __________ they _____________ there? (live, past tense) . arrow How long did they live there?

1. How long __________ you ____________ for that company? (work, present perfect tense)

2. At what time ___________ the plane _____________? (arrive, past tense)

3. How many times ____________ I _______________ you not to do that? (tell, present perfect tense)

4. ___________ she _____________ the job she interviewed for? (get, past tense)

5. Why ___________ it ______________ so long for them to finish their work? (take, past tense)

6. ____________ you ________________ the cat yet? (feed, present perfect tense)

7. Where ___________ Tom _______________ those boxes? (put, past tense)

8. What the heck ____________ _________________ to my car? (happen, present perfect tense)

9. What time ____________ he ______________? (leave, past tense)

10. ___________ it ______________ that long since we last saw each other? (be, present perfect tense)


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