Today is a holiday in the United States. It’s Memorial Day. This is a day on which we remember those who have died while protecting our country and our allies. This is also a day to remember loved ones who never served in the military but have passed away. The word of the day is "memorial."

Notice that I always make changes to the schedule posted on the home page at the beginning of each week.

Students who feel confident enough or who have scored well on the tests and quizzes should move forward. Students who feel that they have not really mastered the level that they were working in should repeat that level, particularly students who have been studying in the Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green levels.

There’s a new vocabulary quiz for May 2016.

Let’s hope there’s never another incident like the ones that took place 71 years ago in Japan:


Blue Level students learn how to use the word "want" in the past tense. This lesson is intended for beginning level students; however, I think intermediate level students could benefit from taking a look at it. This can be a tricky verb.

Red Level students learn about using the verb "go" with other verbs. This is an interesting thing that many Americans do, but it isn’t necessary. For example:

  • Let’s eat.
  • Let’s go eat.
  • I have to make dinner.
  • I have to go make dinner.
  • They went to see a movie.
  • They went to go see a movie.

The verb "go" isn’t required in those sentence, but still it’s used for some reason.

The word of the day is "scan."

There’s a new reading exercise for the Yellow Level: It’s the election season.

The word of the day is "lure."

Don’t forget to practice reading and listening to prepositions. It takes years and years of practice to learn them. On this page, you can read and listen to the preposition "over."

The word of the day is "pave."


Today’s email included this exercise for reflexive pronouns:

Directions: Choose the correct reflexive pronouns for each sentence or question. Write your answers in your notebook.

1. Bob hurt __________ at work.
2. The children are playing by __________.
3. Hilary Clinton __________ will greet the guests as they arrive.
4. Did you hurt __________? (singular)
5. We congratulated __________ for finishing the project on time.
6. I hate __________ for doing that.
7. An autonomous car can drive __________.
8. Give ___________ a round of applause. (plural)
9. The Beatles appeared as __________ in the movie Hard Day’s Night.
10. Hopefully, this problem will resolve __________ over time.

The word of the day is "budge."

It’s extremely important to know the differences between count nouns and noncount nouns. The reason this matters is because it affects your choice of verbs and adjectives in a sentence. Click here to learn more about count nouns and noncount nouns.

The word of the day is "positive."

The word of the day is "negative."

You can use the verb "come" to talk about days, dates, months, and holidays. I’ll explain in this new video:


I sent out four short grammar exercises for the verb "be" this morning. Did you get them? If not, make sure that you sign up to receive free lessons and exercises from your teacher.

The word of the day is "mall."

The word of the day is "leave."

As you work through the lessons in each level, don’t forget about other activities and exercises available to you as a student on this website. I think the reading exercises are particularly useful, especially for beginning level students.

The Blue and Red level reading exercises are very popular.

The word of the day is "abide."

Today is Friday the 13th. Superstitious people who believe in bad luck can be a little jittery on this day.

Today’s lessons:

Blue Level Lesson Twelve: the past tense

Red Level Lesson Twelve: the "going to" future

Yellow Level Lesson Twelve: have + modal verb + past participle

Green Level Lesson Twelve: present perfect tense, passive

Purple Level Lesson Twelve: need 

The word of the day is "idea."

Do you ever use the word "hey" in order to get another person’s attention? This is the word of the day.

I sent out an email this morning that included this exercise:

Directions: Choose the best preposition to complete each sentence or question:

1. I bought this (to / for) you.
2. Please bring these letters (to / for) the post office.
3. Get (in / on) the car. We’re leaving.
4. What did you do that (to / for)?
5. Sam did some work (to / for) his boss.
6. We’re going to the beach. Do you want to come (to / along)?
7. They got a lot of money (for / on) the house they sold.
8. There’s a grocery store (across from / across to) the post office.
9. Please get (out / out of) the room.
10, Time’s (on / up). Please stop.

The answers are in today’s email. If you aren’t getting it, sign up here.

The word of the day is "grass."

You should be working on Lesson Ten today.

How well did you do on the exercise I sent? In case you missed it or haven’t signed up for free lessons and quizzes, here it is:

Write your answers in your notebook!

Directions: Choose the correct main verb or helping verb for each sentence.

1. Some of the answers (is / are) missing.
2. Most of the information (is / are) correct.
3. All of the mail (has / have) arrived.
4. None of these computers (works / work).
5. Some of her teeth (is / are) missing.
6. None of the students (wants / want) to take the test.
7. Most of the police who arrived at the protest (was / were) wearing helmets.
8. All of the people in the audience (is / are) clapping.
9. Some of the lettuce in the bags (is / are) full of bugs.
10. None of this (makes / make) sense.


1. are; 2. is; 3. has; 4. work; 5. are; 6. want; 7. were; 8. are; 9. is; 10. makes

Here’s a new video for indefinite pronouns: all, most, some, and none.


The word of the day is "gasp."

If you have trouble with the "sp" sound, you are not alone. You can practice pronouncing the "sp" sound here.

Today’s Blue Level lesson is on the pronoun "there." Is this word singular or plural? It depends on the words that follow it.

Red Level students learn about object pronouns in Red Level Lesson Six.

The verb "give" is the verb of the day is Purple Level Lesson Six.

Whatever level you are working in, go to Lesson Six today. Are you completing lessons according to the date each day? If so, that’s great.

The word of the day is "forest."

Here’s a new video for the verbs "lay" and "lie."


Happy Cinco de Mayo! It’s the fifth of May. In the United States Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo by going out to eat at Mexican restaurants or eating Mexican food; however, few Americans really know the reason for celebrating the day. It’s really just an excuse to go out and eat.

The word of the day is "wander."


There’s a new Think in English exercise for the word "moss."

The word of the day is "destroy."

I sent out an emailed exercise for the helping verbs do, does, and did. Did you receive it? If not, make sure that you sign up for free emailed lessons and exercises. It’s free!

The word of the day is "card."

Blue Level students move forward to the Red Level in the month of May. Use the Red Level checklist to keep track of your progress.

Green Level students move to the Purple Level. Use the Purple Level checklist to keep track of your progress.

Remember, that you may work at your own pace on the lessons in the various levels, but my recommendation is that you work on one level per month. The number of the lesson should match the date of the month. Today is May 2, so if you follow my recommendation, you will be working on Lesson Two of whatever level you are studying in.

The word of the day is "lane."


Each course level on this website has a checklist. Print out and keep the checklist next to your computer, tablet, or phone and use it to track your progress as you move through the lessons:


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