There’s a new exercise for "What’s the Question?" It’s for the modal verb "should."

The word "should" is also the word of the day.

Here’s a new video:

The word of the day is "desperate."

The word of the day is "storm." I chose this word because of the hurricane that is hitting Texas at this very moment.

Did you receive the email that I sent out yesterday? It was about the verb phrase "have to." If you want to receive emailed exercises, quizzes, and videos, you have to sign up to receive them.

I’ve made a few changes to the website today in order to make it more secure. If you have any problems accessing the site, please let me know.

The word of the day is "willing." This is an interesting word. It looks like a verb, but we usually use it as an adjective.

The new website is online now. I still have an enormous amount of work to do on it, but slowly the categories are filling in, and now there almost 100 pages of material. If you have ideas or suggestions for content, please let me know through email.

The main intent of the new website is to help people prepare for or adapt to a new life in the United States. Most of the material is intended for intermediate and advanced learners of English.

The word of the day is "volume."

radioIf the volume on the radio is too high, you have to turn it down.

From time to time, I like to make videos which show how to prepare some type of food. I do this because I think it helps my students develop vocabulary and usage skills. This video is about making potato salad:


The word of the day is "tweak."

Another way to refer to the American flag is "the stars and stripes."

American flag

Today’s word is "shark."

The word "right" can be used in many different ways. You really must learn about this.

The word of the day is "gamble." A person who gambles is called a gambler.

royal flush

Here’s a new slang quiz.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be trying new things with audio recordings. You can still access the recordings on Soundcloud, but I think I want to try new ways of putting audio onto the website. It might be easier for you to download, too. Today’s word of the day, for instance, has a direct link to the audio on my website. You can download that without having to go to Soundcloud and save it on your computer–if you want to.

The word of the day is "further." Many people confuse this word with "farther" because the two words are very similar in some ways.

The word of the day is "evil." What do you think about the existence of evil? Does evil really exist, or is it something we only imagine?

evil dudeHe’s clearly evil.

Here’s a new quiz for the slang section of the website: American Slang Quiz #1.

The answers to the quiz are found at the bottom of this page .

The word of the day is "bananas."

I sent out an email this morning to students. Did you get it? If not, you may sign up for free emailed lessons, quizzes, exercises, videos, and other things designed to help you with your English.

The word of the day is "action."

Each course level on this website has a checklist. Print out and keep the checklist next to your computer, tablet, or phone and use it to track your progress as you move through the lessons:


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