Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

   admire  date  deep  deny  error   flat   grief   inspire  kind  knowledge  ma’am  parent  space  tragedy  yet

1. Watching a movie about space travel _________ Brian to become an astronaut.

2. You can’t _________ that the climate around the world is changing.

3. Scientists have a lot of ___________ about how the planet has evolved.

4. Bertha made cookies for everyone in class. That was very _________ of her.

5. The worker’s __________ cost the company a lot of money.

6. When we learned of the __________, everyone was in shock and disbelief.

7. Excuse me, __________. Is this your luggage?

8. Helen likes to lie __________ on her back when she sleeps.

9. _________ below the surface of the ocean there are some very strange-looking aquatic animals.

10. The parents were overcome with __________ when they learned that their son was killed in Afghanistan.

11. Jim hasn’t decided _________ what kind of car he’s going to buy.

12. Have they set a __________ for their wedding?

13. Everyone in the neighborhood __________ Wallace because he gives so much of his time and money to charity.

14. We need to find more ___________ in our garage for all of this stuff.

15. As a __________, you are always concerned about the health and safety of your children.

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Answers: 1. inspired ; 2. deny; 3. knowledge; 4. kind; 5. error ; 6. tragedy; 7. ma’am; 8. flat; 9. deep; 10. grief; 11. yet; 12. date; 13. admires; 14. space ; 15. parent


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