Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

  ancient  blackout  brief  clumsy  dip  estimate  faith  frighten  fun  guilt  harsh  love  power  trust  tug  version  wreck  

1. What’s the __________ for the repair on the car?

2. I’d __________ to help you, but I’m busy right now.

3. After a strong thunderstorm swept through the area, half of the city’s residents were affected by a ___________.

4. The defendant was given a __________ 15-year sentence for his crimes.

5. The __________ waiter spilled soup all over the customer.

6. Shhhh! If you make to much noise, you’ll ___________ away the birds.

7. Whose ___________ of the story do you believe?

8. Ron has a lot of ___________ in his employees. He believes they’ll do a good job.

9. The ruins of this ___________ city tell us a lot about the way people used to live in this part of the world three thousand years ago.

10. Doesn’t she feel any __________ concerning the accident for which she’s responsible?

11. It’s not much __________ to go on a vacation by yourself.

12. You’re going to __________ your car if you don’t keep your eyes on the road.

13. Following a quick __________ in the lake, we all went out to dinner.

14. Denise felt a quick __________ on her line as she was fishing.

15. We lost our __________ after the storm.


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Answers: 1. estimate ; 2. love; 3. blackout ; 4. harsh; 5. clumsy; 6. frighten; 7. version; 8. faith; 9. ancient;

10. guilt; 11. fun; 12. wreck; 13. dip; 14. tug; 15. power


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