Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence. Use each word once.

 ability   battle   climb   daily   eager   fail   gag   heir   ideal   jaw   kite   lecture   man   noise  obligate   picture    

1. Carla is __________ to find out if she has been accepted by the college she applied to.

2. Someone finally figured out the __________ solution to the problem.

3. __________ up to the top of that hill and tell us what’s on the other side.

4. No one questions Blixa’s talent and __________ as a musician.

5. The professor’s __________ on the subject of economics lasted for over an hour.

6. Benjamin Franklin used a ___________ to conduct experiments on the nature of electricity.

7. An office __________ intended to be funny turned out to be potentially dangerous.

8. Have you ever posted a __________ of yourself on Facebook?

9. An __________ to a large fortune worth over a hundred million dollars is staying at our hotel tonight.

10. If you study English __________ and never miss a day, your language skills should improve.

11. A long-lasting __________ between the two political parties resulted in a disaster for both.

12. A fighter landed a knockout blow squarely on the __________ of his opponent.

13. Members of the community are unhappy with the amount of __________ coming from the airport.

14. Everyone believes that Bob is the right __________ for the job.

15. Roman didn’t want his business to __________, so he worked extra hard to make it succeed.


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