Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

 ability   battle   climb   daily   eager   fail   gag   heir   ideal   jaw   kite   lecture   man   noise  obligate   picture    

1. Carla is __________ to find out if she has been accepted by the college she applied to.

2. Someone finally figured out the __________ solution to the problem.

3. __________ up to the top of that hill and tell us what’s on the other side.

4. No one questions Blixa’s talent and __________ as a musician.

5. The professor’s __________ on the subject of economics lasted for over an hour.

6. Benjamin Franklin used a ___________ to conduct experiments on the nature of electricity.

7. An office __________ intended to be funny turned out to be potentially dangerous.

8. Have you ever posted a __________ of yourself on Facebook?

9. An __________ to a large fortune worth over a hundred million dollars is staying at our hotel tonight.

10. If you study English __________ and never miss a day, your language skills should improve.

11. A long-lasting __________ between the two political parties resulted in a disaster for both.

12. A fighter landed a knockout blow squarely on the __________ of his opponent.

13. Members of the community are unhappy with the amount of __________ coming from the airport.

14. Everyone believes that Bob is the right __________ for the job.

15. Roman didn’t want his business to __________, so he worked extra hard to make it succeed.

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Answers: 1. eager; 2. ideal; 3. Climb; 4. ability; 5. lecture; 6. kite; 7. gag ; 8. picture; 9. heir;

10. daily ; 11. battle; 12. jaw; 13. noise; 14. man; 15. fail


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