Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

    animal   bear   cat   dog   elephant  fox   growl   horse   insect   jungle   knead   lion   monkey   nature   naturally

1. Wendy’s stomach began to __________ because she had skipped breakfast.

2. The laws of the __________ should not apply in a civilized society.

3. It’s important to properly __________ dough before it’s allowed to rise and then bake.

4. The students made a __________ out of the substitute teacher. It was hard to watch.

5. No one wanted to talk about the __________ in the room, but eventually the subject of money was raised.

6. Unable to __________ the pain of separation from his family, Tim got on a plane and traveled home.

7. Who let the __________ out of the bag? Now everyone knows our secret.

8. All of the women at work say that Thomas is a __________, but he’s married.

9. Let’s not go over this subject again. There’s no sense in beating a dead _________.

10. It’s in her ___________ to ask a lot of questions.

11. She’s __________ curious.

12. A pet is an ___________ that you keep inside your home 

13. My grandfather says he won’t use a smart phone because you can’t teach an old __________ new tricks.

14. Ouch! Some kind of __________ just bit me.

15. Spring went out like a __________ last year with all of those snowstorms we had.

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Answers: 1. growl; 2. jungle; 3. knead; 4. monkey; 5. elephant; 6. bear; 7. cat; 8. fox; 9. horse;

10. nature; 11. naturally; 12. animal; 13. dog; 14. insect; 15. lion


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