The word "soul" is similar to the word "spirit." This refers to that inner, nonphysical life that may live on after a person has died. The soul is sensitive to emotions such as love, hate, fear, anger, etcetera, but it is not considered to be physically sensitive. The soul should know the difference between what is morally right or wrong.

  • In many religions, a person’s soul goes to heaven if that person has led a good life.
  • Hell is a place for souls whose lives on earth were full of bad behavior or guilty of evil.
  • If you sign your soul over to the devil, you will get whatever you want while here on earth, but the price for your greed or lust is eternal damnation.
  • Laura and David believe that they are soul mates. (God intended for them to be together.)
  • This song is so beautiful it touches your soul.
  • It’s got soul. (It has got soul.)
  • Have you ever eaten soul food? (Soul food is African-American cuisine.)
  • That guitar player plays music that comes from the soul.
  • Everyone says Carolyn is a lost soul. (She’s confused and doesn’t know what to do with her life.)
  • Christmas carols have a soulful sound. (The word "soulful" is an adjective.)

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December 21, 2015