Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

announce   budget   clean   detail   enter   forecast   glance   high   intend   listen   overwhelming   profit  swerve   verify   whistle


1. What do you ___________ on doing once you graduate?

2. A passport is used to __________ a peson’s identity.

3. The referee blows his __________ when a player commits a foul.

4. A person who wants to __________ college should have good grades.

5. Regina and Lars decided to ___________ their engagement when their families and friends were present.

6. Baking soda can be used to __________ the inside of an oven.

7. Before buying a car, try to figure out how the purchase will fit into your ___________.

8. A person who owns a business needs to _____________ to what his customers say.

9. The project was so ___________, it took an extra four months to complete.

10. This position requires someone who pays attention to the smallest __________.

11. A quick __________ out the window is all you need to know if it’s raining or not.

12. Natasha was unable to ___________ fast enough to avoid hitting a deer that ran onto the highway.

13. What’s the weather ___________ for the next few days?

14. The government will tax any kind of a ___________ you make with a business.

15. When Rhonda’s supervisor found out she came to work __________ on drugs, she was fired.

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