Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

mad     mall   market   massive   mat     matches   meal   meet     melt     mess     method     mingle     mix     mob     mobile   mop     mortgage   mourning   mud   mumble

1. When two people __________ and fall in love, sometimes they get married.

2. It’s necessary to __________ up water when it spills on the floor.

3. What kind of a __________ did you use to learn English so quickly?

4. Teenagers like to hang out at our local shopping __________ on the weekends.

5. Snow and ice won’t __________ if the temperature is below 32 degrees.

6. Sandra and Luis are hoping to qualify for a __________ to buy a house.

7. Don has been __________ the death of his girlfriend for the last year.

8. A bath __________ helps prevent a person from slipping a wet bathroom floor.

9. We took a walk in a cornfield as it was raining and our shoes got all full of __________.

10. The accounting department has a __________ amount of work that won’t get finished until next week.

11. They say that breakfast is the most important __________ of the day.

12. A person who knows how to __________ at a party is never bored.

13. It’s not polite to __________. Make yourself heard when you speak.

14. Without __________ or a lighter we won’t be able to start a fire.

15. An unruly __________ attacked the embassy and took everyone in there hostage.

16. Oil and water don’t really __________.

17. Squirrels got into our house through an open window and made a huge __________.

18. __________ technologies allow people to conduct business as they are traveling.

19. Americans have invested a lot of their personal wealth in the stock __________.

20. Don’t get __________. Get even.

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Answers: 1. meet; 2. mop; 3. method; 4. mall; 5. melt; 6. mortgage; 7. mourning; 8. mat; 9. mud; 10. massive; 11. meal; 12. mingle; 13. mumble; 14. matches; 15. mob; 16. mix; 17. mess; 18. Mobile; 19. market; 20. mad

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