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Frostbite is a real danger when temperatures dip below zero

When you put the words "would" and "like" together, they form a meaning that is similar to "want." The difference, however, is that "would like" sounds a little more polite than "want."

  • I want something to drink.
  • I would like something to drink.
  • Joe wants to get a new job.
  • Joe would like to get a new job.
  • We want to go to Florida next year.
  • We’d like to go to Florida next year.

The advantage in using "would like" is that you don’t have to worry about knowing the difference between singular and plural subjects when using the verb. It’s always "would like."

Today is a holiday in the United States. Schools, banks, and government buildings are not open today in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

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Here’s a new video for the verb "cut."


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Here’s a new video for the verb "give."


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The word of the day is "barf."

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