Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

 anxious  aware  breath  breathe  breed  cap  damp  fade   foreign  journey  lag  observe  plant  reach   save  tag  upkeep  

1. Half an hour after taking a shower, her hair still felt __________.

2. Tom is feeling a little __________ about losing his job, so he comes in earlier and stays later.

3. A new automobile assembly __________ is opening up in their city. It will produce a lot of jobs.

4. People who __________ horses for a living enjoy the work that they do.

5. Traveling to a __________ country can be an eye-opening experience. Everything is so different.

6. If you want to know the price for the jacket, look on the __________.

7. A __________ to Mars could take as long as two years to complete.

8. When it gets really cold outside, you can see your __________.

9. Elizabeth didn’t want the memories of her trip to Japan to __________, so she took a lot of pictures.

10. Smoking is banned inside buildings because it’s not healthy to __________ in the smoke.

11. It’s a good idea not to __________ behind other students in school. Do your best to keep up.

12. A baseball __________ provides protection from the sun, but it’s not necessary when inside.

13. Their cabin on the lake required too much __________ and attention, so they sold it.

14. We couldn’t __________ her by phone, so we tried email instead.

15. When Muslim people ___________ Eid, they don’t eat or drink during the day.


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Answers: 1. damp; 2. anxious; 3. plant ; 4. breed; 5. foreign; 6. tag; 7. journey; 8. breath; 9. fade;

10. breathe; 11. lag; 12. cap; 13. upkeep; 14. reach; 15. observe


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