Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

 art   balance   cinema   devote   entertain   fake   graceful  hope   inspire  junk   kneel   lot     mad  nut    poke   report     tough

1. Jeremy lost his __________ and fell off of his bike.

2. I ________ you improve your English this year.

3. The poor woman went _________ after spending so many years by herself.

4. A poor __________ on the economy sent stock markets around the world into a downward spriral.

5. It’s a good idea to __________ some of your time to learning how to speak another language.

6. Melissa studied __________ in college, and now she works at a gallery in Chicago.

7. Studying with other good students should __________ you to study harder.

8. Several well-known performance artists have travelled to Iraq and Afghanistan to __________ the troops.

9. Robert and Alice bought a large three-acre __________ and built a house on it.

10. Many new immigrants think life is the U.S. will be easy, but when they arrive they quickly learn how __________ their new lives can be.

11. It’s not a good idea to __________ your finger into another person during an argument.

12. When Mike first bought his car he loved it, but now after spending money on a lot of repairs he thinks it’s a piece of __________.

13. Is that a real diamond or is it __________?

14. Worshippers inside a mosque or a church frequently _________ as they pray.

15. The winner of the award made a __________ acceptance speech and thanked everyone around him.

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Answers: 1. balance; 2. hope; 3. mad; 4. report; 5. devote; 6. art or cinema; 7. inspire; 8. entertain ; 9. lot; 10. tough; 11. poke;

12. junk ; 13. fake ; 14. kneel; 15. graceful


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