Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

arm   basket   danger   disappoint   fuss   grumble   hesitate   lapse   maintain   never   opinion   pale   rake   sock   take   vote

1. You shouldn’t __________ to call the police if your life is in __________.

2. Gladys is frustrated with her boss because he never asks for her ___________.

3. A momentary __________ in judgement caused the young man to make a big mistake.

4. Many people use a laundry ___________ for carrying clothes.

5. Mr. Olson knew his employees would __________ about having to work on a holiday.

6. Martha looks really __________ today. Is she sick?

7. You’ll __________ your parents if you don’t finish your education and get a good job.

8. A convicted criminal who receives a life sentence will __________ be released.

9. We have to __________ up all the leaves on the ground before the snow falls.

10. A homeowner who fails to __________ his house will reduce the value of the home.

11. In most states In the United States its legal to carry a fire_________ if you have a permit.

12. Hilda doesn’t want anyone to make a big ___________ about her upcoming 50th birthday.

13. A big snowstorm is going to __________ the east coast this weekend.

14. A person who doesn’t __________ can’t complain about election results.

15. Try not to __________ too long in the shower.

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Answers: 1. hesitate / danger; 2. opinion; 3. lapse; 4. basket; 5. grumble; 6. pale;

7. disappoint; 8. never; 9. rake; 10. maintain; 11. arm; 12. fuss; 13. sock; 14. vote;

15. take

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