Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

bid   conclude   dump   evidence   furious   gust   hustle  indoor   jury   lurk   mingle   notice   ongoing   prey   rig   terms

1. A sudden __________ of wind blew over a table and some chairs.

2. A cat will __________ behind bushes and tall grass before going after its prey.

3. A mouse is usually easy __________ for a cat.

4. Do you like to ___________ with people you don’t know when you go to a party?

5. The police found __________ of foul play when they came upon the dead man’s body.

6. If you want to make a __________ on a house, you have to fill out a purchase agreement.

7. People who are successful know how to __________ in order to make money.

8. There’s an __________ investigation into the murder of a young woman whose husband is the main suspect.

9. Before signing a contract, it’s important to understand the __________ of the agreement.

10. We brought a bunch of garbage to the local __________.

11. Sheila gave her boss two weeks __________ before she left her job.

12. Donald Trump has accused the Democrats and the media of trying to __________ the U.S. election in November.

13. In the U.S. justice system, a __________ of one’s peers decide guilt or innocence during a trial.

14. Tom is absolutely __________ at one of his coworkers for taking his lunch from the refrigerator.

15. The ceremony will __________ with a song, and then everyone will leave.

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Answers: 1. gust; 2. lurk; 3. prey; 4. mingle; 5. evidence; 6. bid; 7. hustle; 8. ongoing; 9. terms; 10. dump; 11. notice; 12. rig; 13. jury; 14. furious; 15. conclude

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