Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

all   burp   clear   day   elect   front   humble   issue   magnet   nimble   poke   refer   slime   tent   variety

1. Carbonated beverages make some people __________.

2. The  __________ of immigration is front and center in 2017.

3. A snowplow is used to _________ away snow on streets and highways.

4. No one ever said that Donald Trump is ___________ when it comes to talking about what he has accomplished.

5. To succeed, you have to give it __________ you’ve got.

6. The grocery store has a __________ of fresh fruit and vegetables.

7. Don’t run with that stick in your hand! You might __________ your eye out.

8. A person needs to have a __________ mind in order to complete a crossword puzzle.

9. Green __________ coated the walls inside the cave.

10. After we finish this last bit of work, let’s call it a __________.

11. If you go camping, you’ll probably bring along a __________ and a sleeping bag.

12. A refrigerator __________ is a cheap souvenir that you can purchase while on vacation.

13. Many people are sad that the United States did not __________ Hillary Clinton as President.

14. Jose spilled coffee all over the __________ of his shirt.  

15. To find the meaning of a word, you can __________ to a dictionary.

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Answers: 1. burp; 2. issue; 3. clear; 4. humble; 5. all; 6. variety; 7. poke; 8. nimble;

9. slime; 10. day; 11. tent; 12. magnet; 13. elect; 14. front; 15. refer