A person feels pride when he or she feels good about himself or herself or about other people. There’s also a feeling of pride about one’s work or something that a person makes.

  • John takes a lot of pride in the furniture that he makes.
  • Maria felt tremendous pride after winning the race.
  • Bill’s parents feel great pride when they talk about his accomplishments.
  • The winner of the race was overwhelmed with pride after receiving a gold medal.
  • The pride they feel is shown in the smiles on their faces.

antique car

He takes great pride in owning an antique car.

You can use "pride" as a verb, but this usage of the word almost always requires a reflexive pronoun:

  • He prides himself on being able to play the guitar.
  • She prides herself on her cooking.
  • They pride themselves on their athletic abilities.

The word "proud" is the adjective form of "pride."

  • He feels proud of himself.
  • Helen’s family is proud of her accomplishments in school.
  • Richard is proud to be an American.
  • I’m proud of my kids.
  • I’m so proud of you!

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