Directions: Choose the best verbs to complete each sentence. Put verbs into the passive voice and use verb tenses according to directions (in parentheses).

 blind  capture  dim   ease   harass  jack  label  numb   pack   snap   wag   wander   yield   zone

Example: We  were  temporarily  blinded  by the sunlight. (past tense)


1. The auditorium __________ __________ with spectators. (past tense)

2. This area _________ _________ _________ to allow for the construction of commercial buildings. (present continuous tense)

3. It seems as though gas prices __________ ___________ up higher right before a holiday. (present tense)

4. Sanctions on that country __________ __________ ___________ until it agrees not to build a nuclear weapon. (future tense, negative)

5. The tragic events of that day __________ _________ ___________ on videotape. (present perfect tense)

6. Do you think this medicine bottle __________ __________ incorrectly? (past tense)

7. It’s not fair __________ __________ __________ for your religious beliefs. (infinitive)

8. The lights __________ __________ __________ to save on electrical costs. (present continuous tense)

9. The area around your tooth __________ __________ __________ with novocaine before the dentist pulls it. (future tense)

10. The tree __________ ___________ in two by the strong winds. (past tense)


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Answers: 1. was packed ; 2. is being zoned ; 3. are jacked; 4. won’t be eased ; 5. have been captured ; 6. was labeled ; 7. to be harassed; 8. are being dimmed; 9. will be numbed; 10. was snapped


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