Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

   adopt   big   elegant   fault   gab   hair   immigrate   live   mold   naughty   old   pattern   qualify  ramp  strong  

1. Hundreds of thousands of people __________ to the United States each year in search of a better life.

2. Griselda chose a lovely floral __________ for a dress that she made for herself.

3. The performance went over __________ with the audience.

4. A good CEO should have a __________ sense of how to manage a large corporation.

5. The children were being __________, so their mother punished them.

6. __________ will grow very easily on bread when the weather is humid.

7. Vanessa parks her car in the same parking __________ every day.

8. It’s not always easy for immigrants to _________ the customs and traditions of the people whose country they moved to.

9. Rachel chose to __________ in New York because the city has many interesting places to visit.

10. Olivia and Maria can __________ on the phone for hours and hours.

11. The customer asked the waiter to return his food to the kitchen because there was a __________ in it.

12. The old, historic hotel has an ___________ lobby that astonishes visitors.

13. Dave is hoping he will __________ for a loan from the bank so that he can open a business.

14. The judge decided the car company was at ___________ for the accident because the brakes were not properly designed.

15. John was confident that he’d be able to borrow some money from his __________ man.

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Answers: 1. immigrate; 2. pattern; 3. big; 4. strong; 5. naughty; 6. Mold; 7. ramp; 8. adopt ; 9. live; 10. gab; 11. hair;

12. elegant; 13. qualify; 14. fault; 15. old


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