Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

among   beautiful   chance   desire   exact   explain   filter   giant   hitch   itch   judge  leg  maybe   nourish   pen  

1. Steve Jobs was a __________ in the tech industry.

2. Bob is looking for a truck with a __________ so that he can tow a trailer.

3. The teacher allowed the student an opportunity to __________ his absence from class.

4. Down by 40 points, there’s very little __________ that the team is going to win this game.

5. Beach houses in Malibu have a _________ view of the ocean.

6. A good thermometer can provide an __________ measurement of the temperature.

7. Some plants will make your skin __________ if you touch them.

8. Jamie has no ___________ to go to Disneyworld. She would rather go to Europe.

9. Tom isn’t home yet, and no one knows where he is. __________ he’s stuck in traffic.

10. A baby who is properly __________ed will be healthy and happy.

11. On the final __________ of the tour, the band will travel through Southeast Asia.

12. The zoo has a special __________ set up for children to pet baby animals.

13. You car will get better gas mileage if you change the air __________ regularly.

14. ___________ the performers at the event were a few well-known musicians.

15. A person who loses sight in one eye is a poor __________ of distances.

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Answers: 1. giant; 2. hitch; 3. explain; 4. chance; 5. beautiful; 6. exact;

7. itch; 8. desire; 9. Maybe; 10. nourish; 11. leg; 12. pen; 13. filter; 14. Among;

15. judge

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