Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

   card   destroy   forest   gasp   grass   hey   idea   lane   leave   lure   mall   negative   pave   positive   scan  

1. A bad job interview can ___________ a person’s self-confidence.

2. It’s hard to remain __________ when dealing with a serious illness.

3. Sophia is going to ask for a ___________ of absence from work to take care of a sick relative.

4. Asphalt is the material used to __________ roads and highways.

5. Few people like to spend much time with Isabel because she’s always so ____________ and critical.

6. Face recognition technology can ___________ through the photos on your computer or cell phone and identify individual people.

7. A lack of oxygen on board the plane caused passengers to ___________ for air.

8. People like to shop at a __________ because there are so many stores to choose from.

9. Most Americans have at least one credit __________ for making large and small purchases.

10. Drivers who don’t stay in their ___________ run the risk of getting into an accident.

11. Some areas of a dense ___________ remain dark even in the middle of the day.

12. It’s not a good ___________ to leave children unattended in a hot car.

13. The owners of the restaurant are using coupons to ___________ new customers.

14. __________, what’s up?

15. Very few people know that corn is a type of ____________.

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Answers: 1. destroy; 2. positive; 3. leave; 4. pave; 5. negative; 6. scan ; 7. gasp; 8. mall ; 9. card;

10. lane; 11. forest; 12. idea; 13. lure; 14. Hey; 15. grass


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