Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

bed   claim   dead   even   floor   gadget   history   image   juice   ketchup   lake   money   nerve   outfit   pure

1. Helga’s cell phone is out of __________ and needs to be recharged.

2. This spoon is made of __________ silver.

3. You helped me and then I helped you. Now we’re __________.

4. Do you like to put __________ on your hamburger?

5. No one trusts Bill because he has a __________ of not keeping his promises.

6. Fardowsa is going to wear her favorite __________ to the wedding.

7. My car battery is __________. It needs a jump.

8. __________ doesn’t grow on trees. You have to work for it.

9. This elevator will take you to the 40th __________ of the building.

10. It takes a lot of __________ to speak in front of a live TV audience.

11. What time do you get out of __________ in the morning?

12. Ned is afraid that getting arrested by the police will hurt his __________.

13. Terry’s family has a cabin on a __________ where they go fishing.

14. A metronome is a __________ that helps a musician develop a sense of rhythm.

15. The employees of the company __________ that they were underpaid for their work.

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Answers: 1. juice; 2. pure; 3. even; 4. ketchup; 5. history; 6. outfit; 7. dead; 8. Money; 9. floor;

10. nerve; 11. bed; 12. image; 13. lake; 14. gadget; 15. claim