Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

 burst   fasten   fist   gesture     haste   list   master   mist   paste   staff   steep   step   stir   stunning    understand  vast

1. A light morning __________ made everything wet.

2. English is a difficult language to ___________ when you learn it as an adult.

3. The hotel __________ was very polite and accommodating.

4. Bob got so mad he put his __________ through the wall.

5. The library has a __________ collection of CDs and DVDs that may be borrowed.

6. The project was completed in __________; therefore, several mistakes were made.

7. We were exhausted after climbing up a long, __________ hill.

8. It’s possible your water pipes will __________ if they freeze during the winter.

9. Offering his seat to the elderly lady on the bus was a very kind ___________.

10. She looks absolutely __________ in that long silver gown.

11. You should always __________ your seatbelt before you go anywhere in a car.

12. If you don’t __________ that constantly over low heat, it will burn.

13. Kids in the classroom used __________ to put their art project together.

14. Watch your __________. You might trip over that rug.

15. It’s a good idea to __________ the things that you want to do first.

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Answers: 1. mist; 2. master; 3. staff; 4. fist; 5. vast; 6. haste ; 7. steep ; 8. burst ; 9. gesture; 10. stunning; 11. fasten ; 12. stir ; 13. paste; 14.step; 15. list


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