Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

access   bounce   conserve   deliberate   exist   function   grow   hack   ill   jelly   kink   laundry   method   name   only   package

1. Theres’s a __________ in the hose that’s preventing the flow of water.

2. Sheila needs to go to the post office to mail a _________.

3. Pushing the man to the ground was a violent and __________ act.

4. I feel too __________ to go into work today.

5. Do you have good internet __________ where you live?

6. Lenny can no longer __________ as the head of the family business because he’s too old.

7. Turn down your thermostat in the winter to __________ on energy.

8. Rosalina loves strawberry __________ on toast.

9. A government computer network is difficult to __________ into, but some people try.

10. If you don’t keep close track of your checking account, you’ll __________ a check and have to pay a fee.

11. Tomatoes don’t __________ very well in an area that has cool weather in the summer.

12. He’s the leader of the country in __________ __________. The real power lies elsewhere.

13. Racism in the United States really shouldn’t continue to __________, but it does.

14. Bob has to drop off his __________ at the dry cleaners.

15. That’s an interesting __________ for teaching math.



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Answers: 1. kink; 2. package; 3. deliberate; 4. ill; 5. access; 6. function ; 7. conserve; 8. jelly ; 9. hack; 10. bounce; 11. grow ; 12. name  only ;13. exist; 14. laundry; 15. method


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