Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

 assist  become   camp   dental   freak   greasy   happen   intense   limp   mud   pant   record   safe   sweat   thick

1. What would __________ if I mixed baking soda and vinegar together?

2. A bank is a __________ place to keep your money.

3. The man walked with a __________ after he was shot in the leg.

4. If you like __________ food, you’re going to love the hamburgers here.

5. Jean and Albert and good sons. They __________ their elderly mother whenever she goes shopping.

6. After an __________ six weeks of practice, Olga felt well prepared for the competition.

7. A __________ hygienist is a person who cleans and polishes your teeth.

8. You’re going to __________ out when you hear what I have to tell you.

9. Anyone who wants to __________ outside in winter needs an insulated sleeping bag.

10. The old dog began to __________ shortly after her owner took her for a walk.

11. If you think you’re going to __________ it’s a good idea to wear an undershirt.

12. Amina hopes to __________ a lawyer after she finishes college.

13. If the frosting on the cake is too __________, it will be too sweet.

14. The school __________ for the fastest time in the 100 meter dash remains unbroken.

15. After hiking through a wet swampy area, our boots were covered with __________.


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Answers: 1. happen; 2. safe; 3. limp; 4. greasy; 5. assist; 6. intense ; 7. dental; 8. freak ; 9. camp; 10. pant; 11. sweat; 12. become ;

13. thick; 14. record; 15. mud


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