Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

   adult   aunt   boys   brother   child   crowd   family   father   gentleman   girls   mob   mother   people   relative     woman  

1. Jacob is from a large __________ of Amish farmers that goes back several generations.

2 – 3. Football, baseball, and hockey are sports typically played by __________; however, recently, an increasing number of __________ in the United States have shown an interest in these sports and now play them regularly.

4. George Washington is the __________ of our country.

5. Millie is thrilled to be an __________ for the first time after her sister had a baby.

6. After hearing a large explosions, a __________ gathered in the street to see what happened.

7. Mario lost both his mother and father in a car accident, so now he is living with a close __________.

8. The __________ of the country were upset with their leaders, so they revolted and threw out the politicians who were in charge.

9. An angry __________ of protestors stormed the government buildings and took control of the government.

10. Oscar has four siblings: three sisters and one __________.

11. Everyone admires James because he’s a kind-hearted __________ who takes care of his neighbors when they need help.

12. A little boy in the store cried uncontrollably when he lost track of his __________. Even after finding her, it took him some time to calm down.

13 – 14. Wine and beer can only be purchased by an __________ over the age of 21. A __________ is not permitted to buy them.

15. The voters in the United States have never had a chance to vote for a __________ as President until now.

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Answers: 1. family; 2. boys; 3. girls; 4. father; 5. aunt; 6. crowd; 7. relative; 8. people; 9. mob;

10. brother; 11. gentleman; 12. mother; 13. adult; 14. child; 15. woman