Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

barf   bitter   childish   clue   die   flunk   frostbite   grit   guzzle   host  lid   line   plus   policy   romance   severe   shot   shore   sort      tile

1. If you don’t study for a test, you might __________ it.

2. Ilham says she can’t go to work today because she has a __________ headache.

3. It’s the __________ of the company to prohibit any sort of discrimination on the job.

4. The __________ of the show introduced the guests and entertained the audience.

5. It’s uncomfortable to be in the presence of an adult who behaves in a __________ manner.

6. Randolph regards his short height as a __________ rather than a negative.

7. The floor of the bathroom that we’re remodeling will have ceramic ___________.

8. Omar has a __________ at getting the job he applied for.

9. Most people don’t __________ wine. They sip it.

10. Investigators discovered an important __________ that lead to the arrest of a suspect.

11. Todd lost his house and the custody of his children as a result of a __________ divorce.

12. A person who has the flu might feel dizzy and suddenly __________.

13. Sarah said she would __________ of embarrassment if she wore that ugly sweater to school.

14. Some say ___________ isn’t important in a marriage, but it helps keep people together.

15. When a store is really busy, you will probably have to wait in __________.

16. When temperatures fall way below zero Fahrenheit, ___________ becomes a concern.

17. Put the ___________ back onto the container so that the food stays fresh.

18. It takes determination and __________ to become successful.

19. __________ the dark colors from the light colors when washing your clothes.

20. A house located on the __________ of a popular lake is going to be expensive.

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Answers: 1. flunk; 2. severe; 3. policy; 4. host; 5. childish ; 6. plus; 7. tile; 8. shot;

9. guzzle; 10. clue; 11. bitter; 12. barf; 13. die; 14. romance; 15. line;  

16. frostbite; 17. lid; 18. grit; 19. sort;  20. shore



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