Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

 adore  boost   collect   delight   else   flash   grade   hectic   impact   joy   knife   late   mock   neglect   office  

1. The __________ from the explosion could be felt miles away.

2. The singer chose songs that she hopes will __________ the audience.

3. _________ interviews are very helpful for someone who is preparing to look for a job.

4. Our neighbors across the street absolutely __________ their grandchildren.

5. It’s been such a __________ day, I haven’t even had time to eat lunch.

6. Getting a new job has given Dan a big __________ to his self-confidence.

7. Helen’s __________ husband left her with a large amount of money.

8. Is there anyone __________ who would like to go to the lake with us tomorrow?

9. Bertha gets a tremdous amount of __________ out of cooking for her family.

10. People who like to __________ baseball cards will pay a lot of money for rare cards.

11. What kind of a __________ did you get on your English test?

12. A butter __________ doesn’t do a very good job of cutting through steak.

13. If you __________ your duties at work, you might not have a job for very long.

14. A sudden __________ of lightning was followed moments later by a loud clap of thunder.

15. One group of people who are most likely to run for poltical __________ are lawyers.


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Answers: 1. impact; 2. delight; 3. Mock; 4. adore; 5. hectic; 6. boost; 7. late; 8. else; 9. joy;

10. collect; 11. grade; 12. knife; 13. neglect; 14. flash; 15. office


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