Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

 absurd  blind  capture  darling  ease   fee   gap   harass   idiot  jack   kin   label   massive   numb   obese   pack

1. The police tried their best to contact the homeless man’s next of __________ after he was seriously injured.

2. A __________ little girl at the wedding reception kept the guests entertained.

3. The bridge was swept away by a ____________ flood that hit the area.

4. Without my glasses, I’m as ___________ as a bat.

5. Many airlines now charge a baggage __________ for luggage other than a carry-on bag.

6. It’s totally ___________ to expect all of this work to get done in such a short amount of time.

7. The __________ with which Patricia moved on the dance floor impressed all who saw her dance.

8. The __________ who crossed the street against the light caused an accident at the intersection.

9. A two million-dollar reward was offered for information leading to the ____________ of the terrorist.

10. Todd didn’t know to use a ___________ to lift the car off the ground to change his tire.

11. If you take that medicine, make sure to read the instructions on the ____________.

12. A good dentist will make sure the area around a tooth is ___________ before working on it.

13. In some parts of the world, men are allowed to ____________ women without suffering any consequences.

14. Organizers of the event want to ___________ the stadium with spectators in order to generate more excitement.

15. The __________ between rich and poor in the United States continues to widen.

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Answers: 1. kin; 2. darling; 3. massive; 4. blind; 5. fee; 6. absurd; 7. ease; 8. idiot; 9. capture;

10. jack; 11. label; 12. numb; 13. harass; 14. pack; 15. gap


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